7 Benefits Of A Travel Concierge Service For Your Next Holiday

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Planning a honeymoon to an exotic island? Looking to rent a villa for the summer? Simply type your search into Google and ta-dah! A list as long as a very long arm! With both ads and other search results – most of which look similar whether they are good, bad, or legit – it’s easy to spend hours wading through websites, listings or flashy travel deals. 

Trying to decode the never ending ‘best deals or biggest discounts’ with the dreaded fine print can easily swallow up an entire evening or even weekend. Staring at the laptop or phone and realising you’ve made little to no progress is commonplace. 

Worst case? Coming away feeling more confused than before you started. Best case? Committing to something but not feeling 100% confident that it was the best choice based on your needs or budget.

Travel Concierge, a new-era…

Pre-pandemic, DIY travel or going it alone seemed like a viable option for many. But the sudden pause and shake-up brought to many households in the last few years has inspired a different way of thinking. A new era for travel has emerged.

It’s becoming clear (both in surveys, the news and in a recent Google report) that people understand the value of a travel concierge service now more than ever. 

Travel agents and travel concierge services have often been cited as the ‘heroes’ over the past 2 years, for supporting customers through thick and thin. Offering free advice to those left out in the cold by online agents that weren’t contactable, as well as navigating customers through the myriad and ever changing requirements, not to mention organising refunds, cancellations and everything in between. 

Now, with all restrictions coming to end, a travel concierge service still offers today’s most priceless commodity – your time.

What is a Travel Concierge Service?

The best way to paint the picture of what a travel concierge service does, think ‘knowledgeable personal travel agent meets 5* hotel concierge’ – notoriously well connected and knowledgeable locally, regionally, and globally. Relationships in the travel sphere are paramount to making things happen and a really good travel concierge service will have this in spades.  

Some examples of travel concierge services include:

  • Handling all aspects of booking from hotel, flights, transfers and excursions
  • The finer details from getting that window seat to the family-sized interconnecting room 
  • Organising private tours or booking popular restaurant reservations
  • Advising on the must do’s or things to avoid in any destination 
  • Dealing with issues should they emerge or a change of plans 

Over the years our loyal clients have helped us to better understand the biggest benefits they feel when booking with a travel concierge service, below are the 7 of the most common we hear of. 

Customer story honeymooon

7 Benefits Of A Travel Concierge Service.

1. Expertise:

As a travel concierge we not only know what the best accomodation options are in that destination, we can advise what the best option is based on your budget and needs.

Travel experts know the travel scene better than anyone, and for a travel concierge it’s all about utilising this knowledge and expertise to perfectly match a client’s needs with a better possible experience.

However, this expertise isn’t limited to just finding the perfect accommodation…

You could find a great holiday deal online, book it but then realise it’s hurricane season at that time. From knowing what time of year is best to visit a paradise island, where the locals eat, when the monsoon rains hit or the cultural sensitivities to be aware of when visiting a destination, we are here to help you.

We love nothing more than to draw upon our decades of travel experience and know-how to fast-track you to your dream holiday. If expertise is something you value too, why not get in touch with us HERE

2. Great Connections: 

There really is no substitute for personal connections. Even the internet, an incredible tool, cannot beat this. 

The way to guarantee the best options and perks for your travels, especially in scarcity? Rely on those that already have built strong relationships and good connections over the years across suppliers, hotels and partners. This is where the travel concierge comes into its own. 

From reserving the resort’s best ski instructor, to securing the best local guide or booking a table at a fine-dining restaurant which is notoriously hard to get into. Whether it’s making that hotel room extra special for the honeymoon or getting a ticket for a sold-out show, choosing a travel concierge often results in getting the inside track.  

A great travel concierge service can negotiate for special privileges and benefits wherever possible. Room upgrades at top hotels, priority reservation or discounts on activities – are all doors that can open when working with the experts. 

When it comes to special occasion trips we’ll pull every string available through our network of connections. Although we can never guarantee it, if there is an airport lounge ticket to be had, a room upgrade to request, we’ll be onto it. 

If you’d like to enjoy more perks when travelling, why not get in touch with us HERE.


Things happen, period. Whether an event whipped up by mother nature or non-weather related events such as pandemics or strikes; the world never sits still for very long. 

Part of a travel concierge’s role is to be up-to-date with the latest news and to navigate effortlessly through the challenges that our dynamic world can bring.  

A great travel concierge service always aims to be one step ahead. Often receiving the industry updates in real-time, proposing a plan B before the update even appears in the mainstream media.

When it comes to emergencies it’s a game-changer for your stress and confidence levels to book with a travel concierge. 

We pride ourselves in being proactive rather than reactive in any given situation. Our clients come back time and time again as they know we have their back. If this sounds good to you, feel free to get in touch with us HERE.

4. Better Trips: 

Would you turn down winning back more of your precious time? Would you say no to less stress? How does it feel to be taken care of?

Opting for a travel concierge service gives you instant access to insider benefits. It can make you feel like a VIP, it’ll certainly save you precious time and hassle, and quite possibly money. Sitting back to enjoy a seamlessly organised trip and benefitting from a safety net come as standard. In summary, a better trip and experience all round.

A travel concierge is all about taking the overwhelming amount of information and choices out there and distilling it into something that’s easy to digest, and more importantly personalised to your interests, budget, and time frame. 

When we say ‘better trips’ we aren’t just referring to the holiday itself. The experience starts the moment your enquiry lands in our inbox, to the day you return home relaxed and sunkissed. 

If a more stress-free travel experience sounds good to you, get started HERE

5. Convenience:

Skip the guesswork and costly mistakes. Instead enjoy the convenience of having your holiday taken care of.  

One point of contact for everything makes your life much easier. Not only during the early stages of planning that 2-week itinerary or getting 50 family members to a greek wedding; but when you’re actually there enjoying your holiday. 

From the hotel to the transfers, excursions, airport parking, travel insurance, destination entry requirements, it’s all taken care of by someone you can trust, reach easily and have on your side. 

From the moment you arrive at the destination to walking back through your own front door, we love to assist our clients in any way possible. If convenience is music to your ears you can get started HERE. 

6. Saves You Money 

It’s still a common misconception that you’ll pay more when you book with a travel concierge service. In fact most of the time it can save you money. 

Our travel concierge service is complimentary. The travel expertise, sound advice, organising, planning, assistance and personal touch all comes as standard. 

If you value your time you can save a fortune by choosing a travel concierge service. 

Wave goodbye to hours and hours spent researching, booking, planning and all the other juggling that comes with it when travelling. 

The best travel concierge companies not only have access to all of the same packages and pricing found on the internet, they also have access to travel options not available online. These are called trade only deals and this can also lead to cost savings.

7. Better Protection 

A good travel concierge offers both financial security and personal flexibility to all clients. 

Arranging travel insurance is an essential tick box, even if your holiday benefits from being ATOL bonded and ABTA protection. The good news is that we can arrange that for you too. 

Flexibility comes as standard with no catches or small print, so, if you decide to amend your holiday or have simply had a change of circumstances, we’ll do all we can to arrange the best possible option for you.

What we know… 

We’ve sent 100’s of families, couples and friends on holidays to every part of the globe, and over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about people’s needs.

Taking time out to visit another country, going to a new place, changing your routine, or simply having to think about one more thing (on top of the usual work, family, car, dog etc.) can be stressful and often tiring. 

Our mission is to take the stress, hassle and apprehension out of your holiday experience, and re-inject the fun and excitement, leaving you to focus on the tricky decisions: sandals or flip flops?!

Written by Rebecca Woolford.

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