7 Reasons Why Trains Are Better Than Planes: Rail Holidays

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7 Reasons Why Trains Are Better Than Planes: Rail Holidays

If seeing roads and clouds is becoming all too familiar, then a rail holiday might be exactly what you’re looking for.

After all, isn’t travelling by train the perfect opportunity to get to know the country you’re travelling through?

Just imagine that… The gentle rhythmic clatter of the tracks. The scenery changing gradually around you as you relax back into your comfortable seat. Thick forests give way to open plateaus; and you emerge from a tunnel dazzled by a majestic mountain… it’s all there, right outside your window.



With flight-shaming growing, train travel is fast becoming a favourite mode of travel. Yet this movement is not all about considering our own carbon footprints, it’s about rediscovering the joy of slower, more immersive travel.

Ditching air travel doesn’t mean forgoing adventures – in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Following our take on the 7 best train journeys in Europe, it’s time to explore why a rail holiday might just rock your world.

So, jump aboard as we navigate through 7 reasons why trains are better than planes and why it should be on your holiday wishlist.



1. Trains Are Better For The Planet

Flying is probably one of the most carbon-intensive, least eco-friendly things we can do as individuals. And as you’ve probably noticed, our climate is facing something of a crisis.

To put this into perspective, a return flight from London to New York emits more carbon than an average person does in a whole year in most African countries.

Trains are less noisy, they use less energy, and offer us a cleaner way to travel. But let’s not let this run away with us…

Rail holidays aren’t always a green stairway to heaven. It largely depends on the fuel being used by the trains in question. It also depends on how many people are in it.

Did you know? Catching the Eurostar from London to Paris emits a staggering 90% fewer carbon emissions than flying the same distance. (Source: ‘Sustainable Travel’, Holly Tuppen)



Here at Rock my World we are passionate about our planet. You can find out more about the environmental projects our customers support every year here


2. Train Holidays Boast Better Scenery

The most sustainable way to get from A to B is often the slowest. And once you try ‘slower travel’ you might never look back.

Unless you take the midnight train, a rail holiday provides a never-ending entertainment of scenery, jaw-dropping landscapes and surprises at every turn.

As you travel along the track you’re likely to spot wild animals, local culture, beautiful architecture and even surprise moments that’ll bring the country you’re travelling through to life.

Compare that to a flight. The clouds, blue sky and the wing of the plane are the main views you’ll get to see. It doesn’t even come close.



3. Rail Holidays Are Better For Your Body

It might come as no surprise to you. Train travel is much easier on our body than flying.

It’s not just in your imagination – flying can make us feel a bit weird. It’s far from natural to be flying through the air at such speeds and heights. Go figure.

According to various health experts, flying can raise our stress levels, it can dehydrate us, make our bellies bloat, and even empty our energy tanks.

Although trains do limit our movement to an extent, they generally provide more legroom and give us the ability to move around during the journey, which is good news for the old blood flow.

Why not let these magical 7 train journeys across Europe spark your wanderlust.



4. Trains Give More Freedom

Freedom to take more luggage, especially if it’s to create space as part of ‘Pack for Purpose’. Freedom to wander the aisles, and pack toiletries of whatever size you like.

And what about more freedom to relax?

Young ones digging their knees into your back, getting up and down to let your neighbour go to the toilet – the destination might be peaceful but the journey on a plane rarely is.

Compare this to the more relaxed environment of a train, you’re far more likely to get lost in your own little world. Let the views outside your window zone you out.

Long, meditative train journeys offer plenty of time for reflection.



5. Stunning Stations Vs. Airports

Admittedly, airports offer more and often better facilities, but what’s duty free shopping compared to the incredible architecture and history of train stations?

These stunning buildings see millions of travellers pass through their halls each year, and are guaranteed to make any trip more memorable.

Train holidays give you the opportunity to admire some of the world’s most stunning architecture along the way.

Below are 5 of what we think are the most beautiful train stations across Europe:

  • Eigerwand Station in Switzerland
  • Nice-Ville station in France
  • Antwerp Central Station in Belgium
  • Atocha Station in Spain
  • Milano Centrale in Italy



6. Train Travel = Less Waiting Around

The experience at an airport is often associated with high levels of stress, especially if you’re travelling with kids. Research has even suggested that negotiating the hurdles of an airport can be more stressful than moving house.

Airports are essentially a series of queues, followed by demands to remove your belt, shoes and be patted down by a stranger.

Queuing for desk check-in and bag drop can be painful, especially for large families or when travelling with extra pieces of equipment.

It’s simple. No plane means no airport. Rail travel eliminates much of the inconvenience airports can bring.

Leave the 2 hours before departure time behind you, With a train you can turn up 10 minutes or so before.



7. Rail Holidays Embrace Slow Travel

The slow travel movement is all about enjoying the journey itself as much as the destination. Rail holidays are the perfect way to embrace this.

Going slower isn’t just about being more environmentally friendly, it’s about rediscovering the joys of travel.

As Holly Tuppen puts it in her book, ‘Just as slow food celebrates the buying and preparing of food as much as the meal itself, slow travel celebrates the journey. Getting from A to B is an experience in itself.’

It might seem obvious, but for many, whether young or old, the whole point of taking a trip is to chill out and relax. And rushing from one place to the next isn’t the best way to find your zen, let alone immerse yourself in the place you’re seeking to learn more about.

Rail holidays give us the time and space to reconnect with what matters most. Whether that’s having a meaningful conversation with our loved ones, or learning more about the world around us.



To wrap these 7 reasons up, there is one final thing to keep in mind. Train travel is easier than ever before, from governments investing in infrastructure, to tour operators providing flight-free alternatives. There’s never been a better time to choose rail.


If these 7 reasons have got you in the mood for a rail journey of your own, discover 7 of the best train journeys in Europe here. If you feel inspired for your next holiday and would like to explore options, reach out to us here. We’d love to help make your dream trip a reality.  

Written by Rebecca Woolford