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Mauritius. That’s the dreamy honeymoon island right? Well, not strictly speaking. Although Mauritius is a great honeymoon destination – one which we send many happy customers to for its stunning beaches – there is another side to it. One that’s beyond the beaches.

An impressive ecosystem exists across the 2000sqkm volcanic mass. In the north, you’ll find the more touristy beaches, while in the south the National Parks and quieter coastline look like something out of Jurassic Park. 

Aside from lying on the relaxing beaches, watching the waves roll in (which certainly isn’t bad for a day or two of relaxation) there’s so much more to discover on one of the finest spots in the Indian Ocean.

“Mauritius was made first and then heaven.” – Mark Twain

Beyond the beaches there is a vibrant, colourful culture to connect with.  

Mauritius is a vibrant cultural mix, a funky amalgamation of the traditions of Asia, India, Europe and Africa. Whether it’s the temples, the cuisine, Sega dancing or music, it’s one of the Island’s biggest charms and most memorable sides. 

One of the best ways to experience authentic Mauritian culture is to see a local sega performance, which we can arrange as part of our complimentary travel concierge service. 

Whether you have a passion for dance, or two left feet, this vibrant local dance with its distinctive African rhythm will have you tapping to the beat in no time!

The music and dancing came from Africa but developed a distinctly local twist on the island. Considered by locals as – the musical expression of their way of life – it’s an absolute must-see. 

Another wonderful way to experience just how culturally and ethnically diverse Mauritius is, is to immerse yourself in the island’s gastronomy. 

Mauritian food combines Chinese, Indian, Creole, East African and European flavours. Must-try dishes include vindaye, an adaptation of West Indian vindaloo and Chatini (chutney) a popular condiment.  

When visiting the local markets you’ll get a real sense of the cultural influences on the island. A stone’s throw from the harbour,  the central Market is at the crossroads of Mauritius‘s capital, Port Louis. 

Although small in size, the Market’s food court is one of the best places to sample Mauritian food. Fritters, roti, curries, dumplings, or noodles can all fit into a modest budget. 

We can recommend the best spots and restaurants to visit as part of our travel concierge service. 

Beyond the beaches there are tea, rum & vanilla routes to explore. 

Exploring the tea, rum and vanilla route of Mauritius is a delightful sensory experience. From the preserved plantation homes and crumbling sugar mills, these artefacts tell the story of Mauritius’ colonial period. 

Tea, rum, sugar, vanilla and essential oils… all form part of the splendid tea route, running through the centre towards the south of Mauritius.  There are 3 stages of the route which include:

  • Domaine des Aubineaux museum 
  • Bois Chéri Tea Factory and tasting. Dating back to 1892 – the first ever tea plantation on the island.
  • Domaine Saint Aubin colonial house, vanilla plantation & rum tasting

Ending your day at the Le Saint Aubin restaurant, you can try a traditional Mauritian meal of Palm heart salad, chicken in vanilla with rice, lentil soup, and caramelised banana with toffee sauce.

Just ask us about the best guided tours which we can organise as part of your trip to the island. Having visited ourselves we have first hand experience to share with you. 

Beyond the beaches, the spectacular National Parks await you. 

To exchange the salty sea air for a bit of fresh mountain air head south. Or rather, south-west. 

If hiking trails, mountains and nature sound good to you – the tropical National Parks here do not disappoint. Waterfalls, rivers, gorges and wildlife awaits you. 

Due to its relatively small size, it’s very easy to travel around – you can get from a relaxing beach to the adventurous mountains within a few short hours. 

The Black River Gorges National Park is a real highlight.  

Boasting lush green rolling hills and mountains covered with rainforests. It is for many who visit Mauritius, one of the highlights of their holiday. 

It protects the island’s remaining rainforest and is home to 300+ endemic plant species and endangered wildlife; like the Mauritian flying fox, fruit bats, wild boar, macaque monkeys, and the pink pigeon. A nature lover’s paradise. 

Whether you’re planning a family trip, adventure break or romantic escape – Mauritius has it covered from every angle. 

And as for the weather? Mauritius is great all year round! Offering pleasant 30 degree sunshine and a nice cool breeze. The island is especially perfect for those Summer and Christmas holidays. 

Written by Rebecca Woolford

Having visited ourselves, what do we think of Mauritius?

“There are few places in the world that we have a soft spot for. Mauritius is one of them. 

It’s small but perfectly formed and easy to get around. It packs a real punch in terms of culture and breathtaking beauty. Being an Indian Ocean Island, it has a tropical island feel with stunning mountainous backdrops, as well as rainforests and waterfalls. 

It has a lovely temperate climate all year round. It also has oodles of culture derived from its extraordinary past which is evident in the eclectic culinary delights.

If it’s not on your bucket list, get it added, you won’t regret it!” – Isobel & Mark McCardie (RMW Founders)

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