Costa Rica: The Ultimate Family Holiday For 2022 & Beyond

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With a beach called ‘Whale Bay’ (in the shape of a whale’s tail), no military and 99% of its power sourced from renewable energy, there really is no place quite like Costa Rica for your family to spend time in. 

With 0.03% of the Earth’s land mass, but 6.5% of its biodiversity – Costa Rica was a “Green” destination before the term became trendy. More recently our very own ‘Royals’ recognised this special place and it was named the happiest country in the world.

Spending time in nature, whether in our daily lives or on a holiday, has a whole heap of benefits. From improving our mood, lowering our stress levels, raising our confidence and even helping our bodies to produce more white blood cells – Costa Rica really is the ultimate destination to reconnect with nature. 

Having visited this awesome country ourselves (with holiday snaps below to prove it) you’ll gain access to insider knowledge and the best travel advice with our complimentary travel concierge service.

Below are just 3 reasons why Costa Rica is the Ultimate Family Holiday Destination for 2022 and beyond. 

1. A Great History Lesson For All The Family

A small country sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua – Costa Rica has an incredibly rich and interesting history. 

An ultimate family holiday needs a great story behind it, right? And Costa Rica doesn’t disappoint. 

Moreover, a fun history lesson on Costa Rica unlocks many answers for the future and shows the value of nature to making our lives better and richer. 

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything” – Albert Einstein

In 1948, Costa Rica abolished its military and instead focused their efforts on conservation. By the seventies and eighties, when much of Latin America was in turmoil, Costa Ricans were declaring vast areas of the country protected nature reserves, and teaching children about sustainable living. Way ahead of the curve you might say. 

It’s hard to imagine it, but Costa Rica once had the highest deforestation rates in Latin America, due to cattle ranching and crops. Despite this, they have managed to turn it around, all in a relatively short period of time, becoming the first tropical country to have stopped – and subsequently reversed – deforestation. 

Costa Rica continues to shine as a beacon of positivity and hope for countries around the world.

2. Unplug As A Family: Disconnect To Reconnect 

We can say we spend time with our children, whether watching from the sidelines of a game, dropping them off at college or watching a school performance… But the reality of modern life is being present in the moment is hard with all the external noise we’re continually bombarded with in a fast-paced, technology-laden world. 

Between family members’ smartphones, tablets and laptops, it is nearly impossible to disconnect whether you’re aged 12 or 52. 

Luckily, Costa Rica offers the perfect escape. The chance to unplug. 

Costa Rica can help to declutter our mind and soul, and its sheer abundance of natural wonders makes it an ideal escape for those looking to disconnect in order to reconnect with family. 

From volcanoes to howler monkeys and sea turtles, Costa Rica offers families a myriad of opportunities to explore, seek adventure and strengthen bonds. All whilst creating a lifetime of memories. 

Replacing screen-time with quality-time is easy in Costa Rica…

3. Holiday ‘Boredom’ Simply Doesn’t Exist 

Rainforests and wildlife that you can wave to from a zipline, white-water rafting, beginner surf lessons, hikes to volcanoes nestled in National parks – all this and more awaits the families we’ve already booked to visit Costa Rica in 2022 and beyond. 

Often described as ​​incredibly child-friendly, Costa Rica will spark a love of the outdoors for kids of every age. Watching monkeys swinging through the canopy, seeing a sloth hanging motionless in a tree or observing an iguana high up on branches, it’s a natural wonderland. 

Taking a boat tour at Caño Negro Wildlife Reserve is child-friendly and makes wildlife spotting easier. 

If adrenaline activities like water rafting are not quite your thing, why not visit one of the many waterfalls? There’s something special about swimming outside that’s good for the body and soul. You can ask us for the best waterfalls worth visiting, that are both safe to swim in and easy to hike to. 

Despite being five times smaller than the UK, it contains about 6.5% of the world’s biodiversity. 

Costa Rica is a natural playground, which makes it the perfect choice for your next family adventure. It guarantees that you’ll never hear the words “I’m Bored!” from any member of the family. 

7 great spots to visit as a family whilst in Costa Rica: 

  1. Explore the Arenal Volcano National Park
  2. Visit Sarapiquí, the gateway to river excursions
  3. Discover Manuel Antonio National Park
  4. Take a trip to Tortuguero 
  5. Head to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
  6. Enjoy the small village of Cahuita
  7. Head to Osa Peninsula for a slower pace

And the future for this destination looks even brighter…

The Costa Rica government wants to do even more, despite already being a leader in ecotourism. They plan to completely eliminate single-use plastics and achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. What a place to take the family to!

Written by Rebecca Woolford

Having visited ourselves, what do we think of Costa Rica?

“Having experienced this place myself, I couldn’t resist sharing a few holiday snaps with you. It is a very special place and I have some wonderful memories from there. We love sending families, groups and couples to Costa Rica, it’s an incredible place to spend quality time away from it all.” Isobel, Co-Founder of Rock My World Travel

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