In the midst of a climate and biodiversity crisis, we’ve turned to nature, our best ally to reversing the trend. In partnership with Mossy Earth, working alongside Rebecca Woolford, we’re supporting incredible ‘Climate Hero projects’ all around the world.

It’s never been easier to stand up for nature every time you travel.

In the sustainability journey so far, we’ve focused efforts on 3 key areas:

1. Locking Away Carbon & Rewilding our Planet

Every Rock My World holiday contributes towards the ongoing protection and restoration of nature.

With our customers’ help, we’re supporting the restoration of forgotten marine forests in Portugal and bringing back ancient woodlands in the Scottish highlands.

You can find out more about our Climate Hero projects by clicking here. 

    2. Raising Awareness & Inspiring Change

    We’re committed to sharing thought-provoking content to inspire positive change in the industry, within our travel community, and among all our clients.

    Start here: Discover 13 ways to be a better traveller

    3. A ‘Love my World’ Travel Option

    The common sentiment surrounding sustainability is one of less. Whether it’s less meat or less flying. But let’s reshape our thinking because there is so much more we have to gain than we have to lose when we choose sustainable travel experiences.  

    Whether you choose a trip closer to home or far away it will quickly come to light that sustainable travel offers more exciting, richer and more memorable holidays. 

    That’s why with every quotation, tailored to your needs, includes a ‘Love My World’ option. 

    Whether it’s staying at an eco-friendly hotel, swapping out a flight for a train, it’s worth remembering that making one change is better than making none at all.

      What’s next?

      Next up we plan to take the following steps.

      • To join the ‘Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency’ movement by publishing our action plan
      • Sharing a collection of articles to inspire positive impact holidays for honeymooners, families and more.

      We know we can do even more…

      We don’t have all the answers, but we are passionate and committed to sharing our progress and learnings as we continue on this journey to a better world for all. 

      We’ll regularly provide project updates to show what impact the climate hero contributions are having and we promise to openly share the areas we know need improvement.

      We are big believers that travel, rather than being part of the problem, can be the solution.