We all know that we’re now in a position where we all have to alter our behaviour and mindset to bring a positive change for the health of the planet, and travel is no different.

It all starts by asking better questions…

What if we ditched the top 10 list to seek lesser-known destinations that are less burdened by tourism? What if we travelled during the off-peak season? What if our trip helped fund coral reef restoration? What if we opened our mind to a plant-based experience? Which hotel would best uplift the local community?

We can all travel better and inspire change in our own circles of influence by considering doing good every step of the way. We’re working with our clients and partners to ignite this change.

The Journey So Far

So far, we’ve partnered with Kiwano who shine a light on what eco-travel looks like. We’re supporting critical Rewilding projects with Mossy Earth.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, or be anywhere near perfect. But we are committed to supporting all our clients to make better choices, transparently sharing our progress and learnings, as we continue on this journey to make travel a force for good.

Changing How We See It…

The common sentiment surrounding the green or sustainable space is one of ‘removing and reducing’ which in many cases is the best course of action. But what if we could reshape our thinking and perception? To feel empowered and make considered positive choices. There is so much more we have to gain than we have to lose.   

Genuine sustainable and regenerative travel inspires us to become caretakers of the natural world, it brings a richer experience for both traveller and host, it can uplift communities, it can provide financial incentive to protect wildlife. 

Whether you choose a trip closer to home or somewhere far away – it will quickly come to light that responsible travel and sustainable places provide more fascinating, exciting and memorable holidays.

    Redefining That Holiday Feeling

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