Travel That Goes The Extra Mile: Supporting Climate Heros

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Exceptional customer service and more choice comes as standard when you choose to book with Rock My World. But there’s something else….


Your holiday booking can now help to protect and restore our planet. With the help of our Climate Hero initiative, you can feel even better about booking that dream trip or last-minute break.

Working alongside our environmental partner Mossy Earth, who are experts in restoring and protecting ecosystems around the world, it couldn’t be easier to stand up for nature every time you choose to travel with us.

Image: Sir David Attenborough, in A Life on Our planet

Rewilding can help create a healthier, more resilient natural world. Catch a glimpse of the projects we’re currently supporting in the video below.

How does it work?

  • A minimum £5 per passenger is included in every holiday our customers take 
  • It’s totally flexible. So, if people feel compelled to contribute more, even better
  • The contribution goes directly to support these amazing Climate Hero projects
  • Spreading the cost of your trip with a direct debit? Great, it’ll become part of it
  • We promise regular updates on these climate projects on this website & on Facebook


What are Climate Heroes? 

Climate Heroes are species that play a big role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Discover below the 5 projects we’re currently supporting… 


1. Protecting Seagrass Meadows & Kelp Forests in Portugal 

Seagrasses and Kelp can lock up carbon at a rate 30 times faster than trees. They also improve water quality and provide crucial nursing grounds for fish, dolphins, as well as seahorses. Now that’s something to feel good about! With the support of our customers, we’re helping to turn the tide on the sad state of our oceans.

2. Bringing Back Ancient Woodlands In The Scottish Highlands  

Sadly the UK has been ranked 189th out of 218 countries for its quality of nature. By restoring the Caledonian forest in the Scottish Highlands, we can help to lock up carbon and bring the landscape back to a wilder state. Following heavy deforestation over generations and overgrazing by sheep and deer, these forests need our help. That’s why we’re planting native trees with our customers’ help.

3. Supporting Research To Better Protect Sea Otters In California

Sea otters are a keystone species, whose position in the food chain is crucial to keeping the ecosystem balanced. By preying on sea urchins, who graze on kelp, they ensure the health of kelp forests and protect the many other species that thrive there. Along the coast, marine recreation is growing and this is having significant consequences for the Southern Sea otter. With our customers’ support, we’re helping to better protect these cute climate heroes.

4. Reintroducing Termite Mounds, Havens Of Life in West Africa 

Termites may appear small but they are impressive engineers of their ecosystem. Their mounds and tunnels change the structure of the soil such that it retains more water. All of this generates “islands of fertility” and an abundance of plants. These mounds are thought to increase the resilience of the entire savannah ecosystem to droughts. This is key as Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change, despite it being one of lowest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. With our customers’ support we’re helping critical research to better understand what conditions these tiny heroes need to survive and thrive.

5. Restoring Ponds In The UK To Help Local Wildlife

Ponds can be very effective at locking up carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. They also provide critical drinking water for wildlife and can even help to prevent floods which are becoming more prevalent due to climate change. Ponds can really help with environmental issues that affect us all: Climate change, flooding, and pollution. All this, as well as being fantastic for wildlife. Our customers are supporting this impactful local project every time they book their dream holiday or last-minute break with me.

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